Eleven Inc enables the luxury and boutique hotels it represents to compete with the worldwide chains that employ large numbers of sales and marketing specialists and have a network of regional sales offices.

Eleven Inc's services are cost effective and can be individually tailored to the client’s needs, selecting from a menu of bespoke services. As a result, a hotel with a limited budget can employ Eleven Inc's to supplement its efforts in one market or complement its in-house skills in a specific area.

The quality and breadth of Eleven Inc's services can be shown in the length of the agency's relationships with its clients. Hotels employ Eleven Inc to assist with their long-term plans, the result being working relationships that have lasted for many years

Eleven Inc's sales  services fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Preparing Product presentations and conducting regular travel Agent education programs.

  • Mailing of hotel updates to agents.

  • Rate contracting with tour operators.

  • Participation in domestic and International trade fairs

  • Organising Travel agent familiarisation trips for relevant trade partners.

  • Lead prospecting and new business development from emerging markets and segment





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