Email is both an art and a science. At Eleven Inc, we take a scientific approach to creating thoughtful and engaging customer experiences. In a world where marketing messages are everywhere, you need to ensure your marketing campaigns are relevant and timely

In today's world, we can feel inundated with marketing emails, filling up our inbox and providing us with nothing. That's why it's so important to make sure that your message is timely, relevant and helpful to your audience. We can help you do that.

Performance & Measurement

There are so many ways to calculate the success of an email campaign. We work with you to understand what your KPIs need to be, how we can help you achieve them and to then ensure you have a suitable dashboard to visualize that success.

Strategy & Automation

It's crucial to understand the data you have at your fingertips and how to manipulate it to develop a successful strategy and engaging content for your audiences. We help understand the data, build the strategy and automate output.

Email Design & Build

It's not only data and strategy that makes your email campaign a success, it's also crucial the email looks the part and responds as it should. There's so much to think about during this process, all of which we have covered.





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