Organisations increasingly recognise the value and impact of content marketing – reaching out to customers and other key audiences by delivering targeted, engaging and informative information and insight over a wide range of platforms, from social media to blogs to webinars.

We help more and more clients to achieve powerful and effective content marketing programmes alongside their wider PR & marketing activities, driving more traffic to their websites, starting dialogues with customers and other stakeholders and boosting business.

Our approach ensures that valuable messages are communicated in a co-ordinated and consistent way across all key platforms, generating maximum value from news, research, insight or commentary while keeping costs contained.

What sets us apart from most pure social media specialists is our in-depth understanding both of our clients’ businesses and the dynamics of the sectors they operate in. Our expertise in media relations means that the quality and interest level of the actual content is consistently high so it will always add to (and never detract from) the value of your brand.

Getting the right content to the right travelers at the right time is the core of our content team’s mission. At Eleven Inc we match consumer needs against brand strategy, attracting each customer’s target audience by adding value to their lives through content. By developing a content strategy around a customer’s brand and business objectives, we plan and produce original editorial across all verticals, from arts and culture to restaurants to travel tips, aimed at driving awareness, engagement and loyalty.





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